VIDEO: Spoof film sees Hitler respond to tribulations of Orpington High Street

Hitler responds to the tribulations of Orpington High Street

Hitler responds to the tribulations of Orpington High Street

by Patrick Grafton-Green , deputy news editor Updated on in

A HILARIOUS video depicting Hitler's response to the tribulations of Orpington High Street is a hit on YouTube.

The video uses the oft spoofed bunker scene from the 2004 film Downfall, and is the creation of St Mary Cray resident Jamie Ball.

In it Hitler declares: "Now all we have are pound shops and Tesco."

He later adds: "I have lost count of the amount of hair salons and nail salons in Orpington."

And: "It all went downhill when Woolworths folded. I loved that shop. I really miss the pic 'n mix."

Mr Ball, of High Street, St Mary Cray, said: "I visit the Orpington Gossip Facebook page occassionally and I notice a lot of people are moaning about the same sort of thing, and it's come to the point in Orpington that it is sort of funny.

"People talk about them again and again but so many things don't get done.

"You get these shiny buildings getting built 20 minutes down the road but nothing seems to happen in Orpington.

"The High Street is just the same types of shops.

The 23-year-old added: "I'm really surpsied about how well the video has done

"I thought it would be a nice thing to do, a different way of getting the point across, and I thought a few people might find it quite amusing.

"But so many people have commented on it and shared it.

"It feels a bit odd, to see so many people responding the way they have."

Executive councillor for renewal and recreation Peter Morgan said: "Orpington is well placed to build on the multi million improvements that have already been made. 

"The refurbishment of the High Street has made an attractive environment for businesses to operate from, with visitors able to shop and spend their leisure time in a wealth of different ways.

"It is worth remembering that the council spent money improving the High Street well before it spent anything on Bromley which is now having improvements made to the northern part of the High Street.

"I am still very optimistic about the new cinemas and people need to remember that major developments such as this take time to put together - pre-letting of the units is a pre-requisite of funding and I know the developers are working very hard on this with every expectation of success."

Watch the video below.

WARNING: Contains some explicit language.

Do you agree with the views expressed in the video? Do you think Orpington town centre needs improving, and if so how? Add your comments below.

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11:49am Mon 9 Sep 13 sarfflondonbird says…

Thank you N.S.. This has made my day lol.

  • Score: 11

12:04pm Mon 9 Sep 13 Gypo.Joe says…

Colin Smith will be sending his Gestapo round to pick you up Pat and Simon. ;)

  • Score: 0

4:24pm Mon 9 Sep 13 Invicta58 says…

Just where did Bromley council imagine 2 lanes worth of traffic would disappear to when they halved the capacity of the War Memorial end of the High Street? A ten year old would have worked this out but not Bromley so now we have gridlock from Homefield Rise to the War memorial. This video should be compulsory viewing at every Bromley Council meeting until they fix the High Street. I hope Bromley's incompetance at town planning get national recognition.

  • Score: 2

11:14pm Mon 9 Sep 13 gottleofgear says…

This is the funniest thing I've seen for a long time. I laughed and laughed, and then watched it again tonight and laughed again. It's brilliant.

  • Score: 1

10:19am Tue 10 Sep 13 Tonic says…

The video is very funny and gave me and my friends a much-needed laugh. But please tell me that the line about the cinema possibly not going ahead is a joke. Orpington really needs this redevelopment boost.

  • Score: 1

10:56am Tue 10 Sep 13 rarecockneyguvnor says…

If you want to see an even funnier one search this on You Tube. "Hitler finds out Nick Griffin and the BNP win no seats in the General Election" com/watch?v=Y3pqkqng FSs ROFLMAO.

  • Score: 0

7:59pm Tue 10 Sep 13 white rabbit9 says…

Does the work create work for the inhabitant's or does the companies use it's own migrant workers?

  • Score: 0
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