Stabbing closes Orpington High Street

Police at the scene. (Picture via @Taela_x on Twitter)

Police at the scene. (Picture via @Taela_x on Twitter)

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ORPINGTON High Street has been cordoned off this evening after a 22-year-old man was stabbed.

Detectives from Met Police and London Ambulance Service paramedics were called at 8.25pm to reports of a collision between two cars.

They arrived to find a 22-year-old man, who had been in one of the cars, suffering from stab wounds.

He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries and is in a stable condition.

There have been no arrests at this stage and the suspects are said to have fled the scene.

Witnesses say one of the cars has been 'taped off' and is in the middle of the road, surrounded by police vehicles.

Bus routes 51, 61, 208, 353, B14, R1, R2, R3, R4, R6, R11 are all being diverted as the High Street is closed.

Detectives from Bromley Police are investigating.

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11:44pm Fri 23 Aug 13 HearTheFacts says…

It's sad that the use of knives and guns, appears to be the answer to settle disputes. After Bexleyheath and now Orpington, time now to address this image of carry knives and guns as 'cool' or 'hard'. I hope that in both incidents, the two people that have been stabbed. Make a full recovery, also the families involved who are also injured by these sad incidents.

  • Score: 13

11:36am Sat 24 Aug 13 MumOfFive says…

What happened to .. get caught with a knife or convicted of carrying, you get life?! Stop advertising the stupid penalties if its not happening, its supposed to make people feel safe but this is crap!

  • Score: 12

12:44pm Sat 24 Aug 13 Invicta58 says…

It shouldn’t take the police much effort in tracing both cars as I thought part of the £2.2M wasted on the High Street vanity project included cameras over the whole length. I do hope they are not just for show and can be used to some good. The collision would probably been caused by the obstacle course deliberately created in the High Street by the same harebrained scheme. If not it must have contributed to it. Bromley council have installed cameras at Cotmandene Crescent to watch over their overflowing recycling bins and prosecute people who leave cans next to them. Only this week they have been reported as working fine and raking the money in.

  • Score: 7

6:55pm Sat 24 Aug 13 Slonik says…

Yes, it'll be interesting to know if the CCTV is actually being monitored or is just there to look comforting. Are there real police in Orpington these days? I wonder if Bromley demanded a refund for all those blocks they spent our money on which have now been replaced with good old tarmac. Perhaps Colin Smith will pop by and clarify...

  • Score: 2

10:05am Sun 25 Aug 13 white rabbit9 says…

I blame the ROTHSCHILDS myself they are causing all the problems in the world. How can parents teach children any disciplines If their to busy working to pay off money that doesn't exist in the first place. Evil has swamped this planet and it is going to get worse If people don't wake up to the bigger problem because a few more years 1 stabbing is nothing to what the survival instincts in all of us will achieve when their is no FAKE money for a society to function. IT'S ALL AN ILLUSION SO WAKE UP PEOPLE NOW OR SEE MORE STABBING'S.

  • Score: 0

10:41am Sun 25 Aug 13 gottleofgear says…

Yes, CCTV is monitored 24/7

  • Score: 2

2:10pm Sun 25 Aug 13 HearTheFacts says…

gottleofgear wrote…

Yes, CCTV is monitored 24/7

Is this fact?. There is a difference between monitoring CCTV, or one that is monitored live. The point is that many CCTV systems record what happening. However when an incident occurs, is it being watched at the time?. Many systems record for later playback, when an incident is reported. This can be many hours later, monitored live with a person then able to take immediate action. So which system is used?.

  • Score: 0

2:24pm Sun 25 Aug 13 Slonik says…

There are supposed to be traffic enforcement cameras in Orpington too but, given the number of times we see the same cars parked illegally on the pavement outside certain takeaway restaurants, they don't appear to be being used for enforcement. How odd when our councils are frequently accused of only ever being interested in enforcement when it generates revenue...

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