Fire at New Cross takeaway Smokey Jerky tackled by 20 firefighters

by Sarah Trotter , reporter 12:00pm Monday 10th December 2012 in News

NEW Cross Caribbean takeaway Smokey Jerky was truly up in smoke yesterday with around 20 firefighters tackling a blaze.

Four fire engines were called to the popular eatery – which was billowing black fumes - in New Cross Road at 8.01am and crews had the flames under control by 9.28am.

A man escaped the building before firefighters arrived and was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

The fire destroyed the restaurant’s ventilation system and damaged part of the ground floor.

Crews from New Cross, Old Kent Road, and Peckham attended the incident and officers are currently investigating the cause.

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2:24pm Mon 10 Dec 12 Margaret Smith says…

This is the second major fire on New Cross road in a month. And the Government plans to Close our Fire station. Thanks to the Fire brigade being close no life's were lost. We need to do much more for Fire safety, i still find it shocking that Labour Lewisham have ignored requests by Ray Woolford from People Before Profit to insure all Council buildings fire procedures are rethought through and that tenants are aware as to what to do when they have or see fire in there Block/Building.

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1:37pm Wed 12 Dec 12 lemonsquash says…

good news,far to many of these smelly shops popping up all over the place

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10:11am Mon 17 Dec 12 The truth is here says…

So what makes it a smelly shop then? I'm sure your local cafe has a smell coming from there too when they're frying I ask again what makes it smelly? The fact that they season their food with other things apart from salt and pepper!!!

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12:06pm Tue 18 Dec 12 lemonsquash says…

they stink to high heaven,enough said

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